Coming from Chicago naturally i speak English, I do speak German so communicating is not a problem if you would like a tattoo from me.  

I love tattooing and making pictures for people, it is very important that the customer gets something unique, beautiful, interesting and personal. How it works is difficult to explain, usually we sit together and talk, look at pictures and start drawing…
The pictures make themselves in the end. I wish i could 
tattoo everyone who wants something from me, sometimes that is not possible. Larger and more interesting projects do get priority, so if you are interested in getting something larger please don't hesitate to visit and talk about your ideas. Some tattoos i may refer to other artists as an alternative, if i feel that the tattoo would be done with equal care by another artist.


The styles that i work in can be mixed together in any degree, often you may see 
Art Deco, Jugendstil, 19th century book illustration, sci-fi, horror, bio-mechanics, architecture, nature, fantasy, Balinese, Thai, Victorian and Gothic elements in my work. The mix of styles i find interesting and prefer to be a non-purist. I try and focus on strong movement and contrast in shapes, textures and colors, regardless of well a picture is drawn the permanence and longevity of the tattoo is a strong concern of mine. 


The evolution of the tattoo arts interests me very much and i am constantly searching for new and interesting ways to create pictures on skin.